Monday, June 2, 2014

My unforgettable night

“Did you really didn’t see my documents” my giant and bold dad asked my mom who was busy preparing dinner.My mom who didn’t fail to carry her responsibilities as a office worker as well as a home maker, who would serve all of us with best care and love at home. She was also tired after reaching back from the office to the house and still went on with her chores. She got frustrated with repeated inquiry by the dad.She was totally irritated and she shouted at him in a harsh tone, “don’t you trust me now,” she paused for a while and told “shall I confess that I am a criminal when I didn’t do the crime”. They were few meters away from each other then.My dad who was searching for his documents which seemed to be very important still went on searching through the drawers and shelves lying in the corners of our room. As he went on, finding it nowhere and mom still shouting at him, made him steadily rise his anger. They became more aggressive as they came closer and their face looked so ugly that i never saw such a face in them in my life.Their quarrel was like war a to me and could not bear them seeing in those ugly mood. They were so loud that it even over ruled my music box.I was totally crestfallen with that situation and ran inside my room. I felt our happiness was coming to an end. Even then they were so loud and I took my fingers to close my ears. My fingers were tightly put that the pressure let my eyes get closed .Suddenly I heard a creaking sound of the doors. I felt the airs in front of me were being blocked and felt something stood. huntsho .. Phuntsho.. Called my name. when i gained my  consciousness, I was greeted with a soothing song and seven colored lighted candles on a  pastry brightened my  room clarifying the faces upon which  I was stunned and couldn’t throw my sight out of them as they came closer to me. Then no sooner had they sat down than I jumped into their arms so warmly. By then I couldn’t stop myself telling them, I love you mom and dad. Oh my god! I realized that it was just a horrible dream and they didn’t fall into such situation. That night triggered my heart too with a most memorial birthday in my life.

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