Saturday, May 31, 2014

Impact of Television

(Photo Courtesy: Google)
There is no doubt that television has changed the world and how we view it. With just the point and click of a button viewing possibilities are endless. There are literally hundreds of channels to choose from. With so many viewing options, determining what we should be watching has become a great concern, especially when it comes to children. Cable and satellite provides us with different scenes of violence and aggressive act on TV and many a times it is the children who watches these acts and witnessed 40,000 killings and 200,000 acts of violence on television all by their 18th .These statistics are shocking and there is no wonder that the question arises, what impact does viewing violence on TV have on children.                                                    

There has been overwhelming evidence that suggest violence   and aggressive behavior on TV, does indeed directly affect children. As the children imitate what they see, a most common evidence is that, if u ask a parents in this modern age from where their children has learnt the English alphabet, they will tell u that by imitating from the alphabetic music table and through TV etc. So learning violence and other acts is no exception. It can be learned in same manner through extensive viewing of an violence and other acts on TV.Some people argue that children actually learn moral values and life lessons from violence. They say that their children view shows, where the good guys always wins and bad guys are always punished. This ideas help children realize that the bad acts are punished .So there is no question that the children will learn that bad acts are punishable but the problem is, it also teaches a young children how to handle the wrong doings by the bad guys but being a good imitator they would think of using violence to solve problems even though their intentions might be good and they would act aggressive.People will eve say that viewing TV even affects the personality and even as teenager and adults. The parents say that their children by watching violence and aggressive on TV can grow a mentally and psychological .They can learn moral value of a life earlier than those who donot watch but the thing that the mistakes the parent does is by letting them watch any programs on TV. Parents would be shocked when they realize that the child doesnot grasp as they expect instead children learn unwanted behaviours and even unhealthy relationships and languages are acquired.
If the parents are genuinely concerned with what their children are viewing, there are several options that they can watch the same channel and decide if it is appropriate for the children. So if there is an effort from parents in helping the child to watch the appropriate one, a child would learn the good values. As an evidences concludes that the children would view acts of a aggression exhibit hostile aggression. A parent should keep in mind that only a parents and caregivers are ultimately responsible for what their children view on TV. With their guidance only children can escape the hostile aggression life in future and helps to groom a better adult in years to come. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Who am I, what am i doing here, and where am I heading to.....

When one door closes another one opens. Basically my dream was to go to CST but success doesn’t came due to the lack of hard work and as a result, landed up here in Sherubtse. I had always wanted to be an engineer in my life and I love the works they do and the profession itself was the coolest one I always loved. Usually people say that “dreams are dreams, they rarely happens in real life” and at this point I feel that it is very true especially to myself. Now I never dream of becoming an engineer because I no longer belongs to the world of science, even than I always loves Engineering although I know I can’t become an engineer.
After failing to go to CST the next option I had was Sherubtse College and the only course that I would get for 100% was Media so as a result I landed up pursuing Media studies with English. Actually according to my interest I should have gone to Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic but it was only a diploma and in my life the other thing that I wanted to do  is to at least attain a degree  course so that’s how my fate brought me here in Sherubtse College. Now that I am here, I always fear of missing something in my life that is the job that everybody is competing for in this present scenario and in the near future I am pretty sure it would be more competitive. Though I am studying Media, I really don’t think that I would become a journalist because I am a man of less patience and to be a journalist, it is a very important character one should have.

Life is full of Past, present, and future…. Everything we do is present and as time passes it becomes past and everything left to be done is future. So life is a path that leads to the future but it is in our hand whether to make it brighter or darker. Looking at myself, I feel my future wouldn’t be darker because that’s what my body, mind, and soul says to myself. After completing my degree I feel that I am heading towards a bigger world in which there would be lots of competition and challenges and ultimately I am one from many to be competing there for anything that would keep myself away from hunger and poverty. So therefore the journey of life is always full of competitions and challenges and it’s an obstacle everyone should face irrespective of gender, caste and religion.