Saturday, June 7, 2014

Women's World

The dusk has gone a long way and the dawn is yet to come back. Bhutan is under a new government, China is still developing, India has been an independent nation since 1947 and yet, some women are still suffering and having a monotonous life in some parts of the world. Being treated as slaves, faces being covered by clothes and most of the high post taken by men clearly shows that women are not treated equally and are neglected behind.
Article 7 of the Bhutanese constitution says, “All persons are equal before the law and are entitled to equal and effective protection of the law and shall not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, sex, language, religion, politics with the law.” Though Bhutan is not under a peer pressure of gender discrimination. Even than it still exist in some parts of the world. So to avoid gender discrimination, every nation must stand as one and the world must adjust a time to say, “Gender discrimination is no more” and let’s give women equal chances to what men get.

Yesterday was horrible, today is monotonous, so let’s cheer for all the women and make an enormous tomorrow.

Monday, June 2, 2014


“Good Bye son, do take care.”
“I will. Good bye.”
As the train slowly began to move, I mounted in and waved goodbye. Sitting in the cabin, all alone, for the first time, I was travelling away from home. Born and raised up by a single mother, I was the only child and her only hope in her old age. I was 17 years old and a graduate from one of the finest high school in my town and travelling for further studies in the city. Being the only child, I got certain privilege and much love and care but I always missed my father. Whenever I saw my friends with their parents enjoying their leisure time in the park, I also desired to have the same. I could never ask my mother about him and she also never told me whereabouts of him.
Since youth, I had been questioned by my friends and teachers, about my father. I could never answer their questions, even his name. I remember, one night while having dinner, I asked my mom about my father and she didn’t respond anything. It was always painful to know that I didn’t know anything about my own father; I didn’t know whether he was alive or dead. I even fought with one of my classmates when he called me an illegitimate son. Even during that incident, though young but still it hurt my sentiments and again I dared to ask her, but she remained quiet and went inside her room. I knew mom was hiding something from me but I never knew and time just passed by.
“Ticket please.”
“Ohhh! Here sir.”
“Travelling alone, son?”
“Yes, for further study to South Town.” And he departs.
Through the window, the whole new world was welcoming me, particularly the changing pattern of the greenery field to buildings, rightly a “concrete jungle.”  Studying further after completing my high school wasn’t my choice but my mother always insisted me to go beyond the world where I have been living all my childhood. Watching the moving scene, passing through meadows, towns and villages, I didn’t know when I felt asleep until…
“Hope you don’t want to travel more?” Said the conductor.
Stepping out to the new world, nervous and finding no known people around, I hesitantly stepped outside and waited for a coolie. Eyes went on to every direction, looking at every person who has no time to spare. It was really a hustle and bustle life which I just read in the books and heard from the friends who have been to cities before. Amid the busy crowd, a smiling gentleman, with bald head and a moustache came straight towards me and asked.
“Mr.Kac from East town?” questioned me as he gently clean his forehead.
“Yes.” I replied with surprise because neither I knew him before nor heard about him.
“I am Robert, from University of South Town.” He said forwarding his hand for handshake.
“From the University?” I wondered silently. I didn’t know that someone was coming for me. Did mom send him for me?  But she never told me about anybody she knew and lived here. I thought of asking but I was too reluctant to ask any further question to him at the moment as all I needed was someone to take me to the University of South Town.
We remained silent all the way, he was busy in his own whole world and I was fascinated by the scenario of the town. Reaching to the college, he took me to the room and arranged my luggage. I couldn’t even thank him properly for all his help but later I knew I had enough time to thank him as he said, “By the way, I am your warden”. “if you have any problem, call me,” he said as he closed the door as he went out.
University was a whole new world to me, all new faces and new surroundings. I took lot of time to adapt to their style of living, even the food. In every meal time I missed the food of my mom, eating together. Departed from dad and now from mom, I was alone, but Mr. Robert always paid me a visit and helped me feel homely. He was a guide for me in this new world, always helpful.
One night I was seriously ill with high fever and was sweating. The next morning when I woke up I found myself in the hospital, a nurse and Mr. Robert nearby. Then he took me to his home where I saw Mrs. Robert and their 10 years old daughter. Robert’s family always made me to wish that if i could also have the same family.
Days passed by and the bond between me and Mr. Robert grew stronger. We were no more like a teacher and a student. He always tried to be my friend and I accepted it whole heartedly.
I was enjoying the very best days of life until one morning I received a call that my mom was sick and was admitted in the hospital. In hurry and worry, I immediately left the room and went to the station to catch up the morning train to East. I even forgot to tell Mr. Robert about it but I thought I would inform him when I reached there. Ten hours journey seemed like a whole life journey, neither I could relax nor enjoy the beauty outside. All I did was prayed and missed my mom.
Upon arriving at the hospital, I was late, just by an hour. The nurse on duty tried to comfort me but I couldn’t. The whole world had fallen upon me and like a fast flowing rivers, my tears meandered down. Looking at her as if she was sleeping and in any moment, she would rise up and hug me, I wished.
“Your mom left this for you,” said the nurse handing me a paper and an envelope.

“Thank you,” replied in very low voice not able to control the tears.
It was a letter for me written just before she left me and it read:
“Son, I am sorry that I am leaving you alone. You always have been a good boy and I know you will always be the same. I was a proud mother because of you and I know I couldn’t give you all the happiness that you deserved but I always tried my best. Today, I want to tell you something which I kept hiding from you until now and it’s about your dad. He is still alive but he’s away from us. He called me every time to know about you. He cares about you but he couldn’t be with us. Your father and I met during our high school and we fell in love and decided to live together. When I was carrying you in my womb, we decided to marry but your father’s family didn’t allow us to marry as I was from the low rank family and your dad was rich. I am sorry I couldn’t tell you anything about him but today as I take my last breath, I want you to know about your dad and I am leaving you his photo in the envelope.
Sorry for all the pain you went through because we couldn’t have a complete family. Your dad always wanted to be with us but he never could. He is a good man and I hope you will know him. I am happy that you were my son. Wished I could have more time to be with you.
Sorry dear.”
With the envelope in my hand, I opened it with all the mixed emotions surrounding me and after opening it, the person in the photo to my surprise…
After the funeral, I went back to university to complete my studies. While moving into the campus, I met Robert.
“Where have you been all this time, almost a week?” he asked me with his face showing all the worries for me.
“Busy with the funerals of your first wife,” I replied looking straight into his eyes.
“So, she told you about it.”
“Yes dad.” I replied and walked away.
I always desired to be with my dad but when my wish was granted, I lost one. If I knew that I would see my dad only in the exchange of my mom’s life, I wish I never desired. I could never have a happy family.

Source: Kinley Zepa (3rd year, Eng-EVS)

Being Happy means rewarding yourself.

Happiness is invisible but it is bigger than any other creature in the world. Money can buy big houses, fancy cars, expensive models and even our body parts like kidney but it cannot buy happiness in any form. Everybody can make money by doing any kind of things but to get happiness we can’t do anything, happiness comes from our heart not from the money you have. Bhutan is not a very rich country and people living in Bhutan are not very rich but I am sure they are not very tensed like people of Afghan, Iraq and Middle East countries where many wars and murders take place. Money has fulfilled many of the people’s dreams but it never had made people happy all the time.
Google: Life and Happiness
Rich nations like United States of America, China and Japan have lots of money. They do things very easily and gain attention from the whole world in a short period of time but they had never gained other nations and peoples happiness through their power. To cite an example, In Bhutan, couples are free to make any numbers of child but in China they have one child policy and it does not make them very happy when natural freedom is being ruled by the pathetic man-made culture. As stated in the article Sandra Bullock Trade,” The relationship between happiness and income is complicated, and after a point, tenuous. It is true that poor nations become happier as they become middle-class nations. (Brooks, D. 2010). Though Bhutan is not very rich but then foreigners are astounded to explore more about Bhutan because of its unique culture, beautiful natural scenes and fresh environment. Whereas in countries like China, people are more attracted in wealth and being one of the richest, they live in crowded surrounding and they have many problems like traffic jam, flood, erosion, heavy snow fall and many other social problems.
Researchers have found that people of USA are not happier than they were in 1975, although living standards have doubled. Likewise similar cases have been found in Britain and Japan.In the book, Happiness: Lessons from a new Science, it says that “As poor countries, like India, Mexico, The Philippines, Brazil and South Korea have experienced economic growth, there is some evidence that their average happiness has risen. The reason is clear, extra income is really valuable when it lifts people out of sheer physical poverty. (Layard, R. 2002). When under developed countries experience development the countries average happiness rate increase because there is improvement in their living standard. In Bhutan happiness is given more preference than wealth and as a result businessweek reflects Bhutan as the world’s 8th happiest country and it was based on our unique culture, small population, fresh environment and the existence of gross national happiness.
Doing things can bring us more joy than having things. We can have everything we want but it is not permanent. Within no time it might vanish as said “wealth has no value.” But to keep ourselves happy, we must do good things and be good. If we have too much of wealth, we won’t be happy because we may have the fear of losing it. Anything can happen at any time and when we lose things we get hopeless and as a result we can’t be happy. If we owns too much of money and wealth, there are high chances that we might be robbed or even murdered and for that reason we are tensed about it most of the time in which it doesn’t keeps us happy.
 To make the society a happy one, everyone in living in and around it must stay happy and for a happy society, cooperation is really needed. The new science of happiness starts with a simple insight: We're never satisfied. "We always think if we just had a little bit more money, we'd be happier," says Catherine Sanderson, a psychology professor at Amherst College.(Futrelle, D. 2006). Happy and peaceful country follows the theme “One Nation One People” so for that reason they are happy most of the time and they doesn’t care much about money and wealth. As of October23, 2013, Denmark was crowned the happiest country in the world based on six basic criteria. The criteria’s are large GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy at birth and a lack of corruption in leadership. But also essential were three things over which individual citizens have a bit more control over: A sense of social support, freedom to make life choices and a culture of generosity. To be happy wealth is not the necessity, but the quality of the nation in terms of its transparency is considered.
Happiness is the basic need for every people living in this world. There is no one who doesn’t want happiness as well as money but when money comes in between happiness and the society, it doesn’t make a good contribution. Although people fulfil their dreams through money but it sometimes becomes the main culprit to bring sadness too. As said, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, we feel that rich people are always happy because we see them happy from their physical expression but it is not really true. They are always worried about their wealth and they are not even in a good mood to sleep when they have too much of wealth and money because it has no value after all you lost it. Happiness is the universal medicine when the people are sad and on the other hand money is the key source for the people to survive in this modern world, any way they are not always hand in hand but both are needed so we must make a good adjustment between this two and make ourselves happy.

I love you, and I always will

Staring outside my bedroom window, I was trying to believe what had happened but it hadn’t sunken in yet, well at least not completely. “Do you think he would want to see you waste your life like this?,” said Cheki, she could tell I was not listening to her so, she got up from the sofa she was sitting on, stood right in front of me, blocking the window and said “ Well do you? Huh?”. “Just leave her alone, Cheki” said kezang as she pulled Cheki away, “But Kezang she…”, “I know but not now, please Cheki”. Cheki muttered something and stormed out of the room.
Cheki was my friend and she was just trying to help and I wanted to thank her for what she was doing but I was not in the mood to talk with anyone. “She’ll be back”, I murmured to myself, but Thinley? He’s not coming back, he’s never coming back.
Tears filled my eyes again and rolled down my already damp cheeks. “Stop it! You have to move on. I know it’s hard but life goes on.” Kezang said, somewhat angrily. When I didn’t reply she came, put her arms around me which made things worse and I cried out loud, trying hard to let go of all the pain inside but I couldn’t.
“I’ll be fine. I just want to be alone for a while”. She just gave a nod and left the room, closing the door behind her. The cold December breeze swirled in the room; I got up, took out a hood from my cupboard, and hid myself underneath the covers of my bed. It still had his scent, Thinley’s cologne.
“Promise me you’ll never leave me Sonam,” Thinley had said when we were out celebrating the first anniversary of our relationship. “Never”, I said as I smiled.
(Photo Courtesy: Love quotes, Google)
I should have made him promise the same thing, maybe then he would be with me. Who knew that the person who made me promise to never leave him would be the one leaving in the end. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, hoping that it would help get rid of the pain, even if it was only for a while.
Thinley would always call me before I slept, and it had become such a habit that I couldn’t sleep without hearing his voice. Hugging the hood, I dialed his number; “Hi, I am currently busy so please leave a message. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Bye.”
“I don’t care how busy you are but just come back, please. I promise I won’t nag you anymore and I’ll not make you wait for me when we’re on dates. So, please Thinley, I’m begging you, please come back.” I was hoping for the impossible but I still wanted to believe that he would call me back.
“I love you, and I always will.”
His words kept ringing in my head and I cried each time I remembered how he looked at me with his brown eyes, his crooked smile and then his cold face in the hospital ward.
Everyone I knew wanted me to not think of him but I was trying to remember everything because the memories were all that I had left of him. If it slipped away then I probably would too.
I leaned towards the drawer that was beside my bed and took out the scissors from the top drawer. “What is the use of me living if you are not by my side,” I was about to slit my wrist but right then someone knocked at the door, once, twice, ‘Come in, the doors unlocked.’ I shouted. The door just creaked open, and that was all. “Kezang? Is that you?” no answer, but just the rustling of the leaves outside.
I don’t know when but I fell asleep and the last thing I remember was hearing Thinleys voice saying, “I love you, and I always will.” When I got up in the morning, the room felt different, the windows were all open (which I was sure I closed) and Thinleys favorite book “Paradise lost” was on the table next to my bed which I’m sure Cheki threw in the dumpster.
I don’t know why but I wanted to believe that Thinley had come back to me.

Source: Kinley Zepa (3rd Year, Eng-EVS)


Man are born, not with anything but with everything that we have to learn as we grow on. Our father, mother, brothers, sisters and the society we lives in teaches us how to walk, eat, talk, behave, live and infact everything but they never teach us the very thing so called as commitment. Flowers bloom often when you feel the true love in your heart but it won’t turn into a fruit until and unless you stay committed. In a relation, commitment is all about mutual understanding, distanced love, and mutual feelings between the two lovers. And in life all this things are meant to be learned by oneself because your future is your life and your future depends on what kind of life partner you have.
(Photo Courtesy: Google)
In relation, commitment is like an iron chain between the two lovers. Even if their body is not together it keeps their heart and soul always together as a bond that can never be broken. Human beings like each other when their hearts get connected, not while shaking hands to each other, or while smiling to each other. They are just sign of friendships and not more than that, but loving each other is a very different thing in life.
Love is full of romance, emotions, feelings, and expression and in all this things commitment is required to make it a perfect love. “If you want to know someone’s mind, listen to their words. If you want to know their heart, watch their actions”. Likewise everything happens the same in relation. As time passes, we comes to know each other in a clear cut manner. And in life we never know what comes next, so never wait for the next option because things that are gone from you seldom comes back to you and always remember that poison can never be your choice when there are plenty of medicines.

My unforgettable night

“Did you really didn’t see my documents” my giant and bold dad asked my mom who was busy preparing dinner.My mom who didn’t fail to carry her responsibilities as a office worker as well as a home maker, who would serve all of us with best care and love at home. She was also tired after reaching back from the office to the house and still went on with her chores. She got frustrated with repeated inquiry by the dad.She was totally irritated and she shouted at him in a harsh tone, “don’t you trust me now,” she paused for a while and told “shall I confess that I am a criminal when I didn’t do the crime”. They were few meters away from each other then.My dad who was searching for his documents which seemed to be very important still went on searching through the drawers and shelves lying in the corners of our room. As he went on, finding it nowhere and mom still shouting at him, made him steadily rise his anger. They became more aggressive as they came closer and their face looked so ugly that i never saw such a face in them in my life.Their quarrel was like war a to me and could not bear them seeing in those ugly mood. They were so loud that it even over ruled my music box.I was totally crestfallen with that situation and ran inside my room. I felt our happiness was coming to an end. Even then they were so loud and I took my fingers to close my ears. My fingers were tightly put that the pressure let my eyes get closed .Suddenly I heard a creaking sound of the doors. I felt the airs in front of me were being blocked and felt something stood. huntsho .. Phuntsho.. Called my name. when i gained my  consciousness, I was greeted with a soothing song and seven colored lighted candles on a  pastry brightened my  room clarifying the faces upon which  I was stunned and couldn’t throw my sight out of them as they came closer to me. Then no sooner had they sat down than I jumped into their arms so warmly. By then I couldn’t stop myself telling them, I love you mom and dad. Oh my god! I realized that it was just a horrible dream and they didn’t fall into such situation. That night triggered my heart too with a most memorial birthday in my life.

Old friends are Memories and new ones Joy

Life is full of memories and joy apart from sorrows and regrets..... Friends are the service that remains with us for our lifetime. Old friends always reminds us of our times together in the past and news ones always accompany us in all our present joys and sorrows. 

Old friends, you people had always been with me and i still remember all the good and bad times we had in our school days. All we do during the weekends is just go in the football field and enjoy our-self playing. Our days were always fruitful and days passed by and our stay together for six consecutive years ended with countless memories. So thank you for being with me for at-least several years and hope we could reunite in the near future.

New friends, You are my inspiration, my companion and my hope. You all support me financially and physically whenever I falls down from the ladder of my life and our friendship is in fact leading us to our own success. Love you all and may god bless us with all the unexpected and unforgettable joy that can always be taken one of the best example ofFRIENDSHIPin the future.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Impact of Television

(Photo Courtesy: Google)
There is no doubt that television has changed the world and how we view it. With just the point and click of a button viewing possibilities are endless. There are literally hundreds of channels to choose from. With so many viewing options, determining what we should be watching has become a great concern, especially when it comes to children. Cable and satellite provides us with different scenes of violence and aggressive act on TV and many a times it is the children who watches these acts and witnessed 40,000 killings and 200,000 acts of violence on television all by their 18th .These statistics are shocking and there is no wonder that the question arises, what impact does viewing violence on TV have on children.                                                    

There has been overwhelming evidence that suggest violence   and aggressive behavior on TV, does indeed directly affect children. As the children imitate what they see, a most common evidence is that, if u ask a parents in this modern age from where their children has learnt the English alphabet, they will tell u that by imitating from the alphabetic music table and through TV etc. So learning violence and other acts is no exception. It can be learned in same manner through extensive viewing of an violence and other acts on TV.Some people argue that children actually learn moral values and life lessons from violence. They say that their children view shows, where the good guys always wins and bad guys are always punished. This ideas help children realize that the bad acts are punished .So there is no question that the children will learn that bad acts are punishable but the problem is, it also teaches a young children how to handle the wrong doings by the bad guys but being a good imitator they would think of using violence to solve problems even though their intentions might be good and they would act aggressive.People will eve say that viewing TV even affects the personality and even as teenager and adults. The parents say that their children by watching violence and aggressive on TV can grow a mentally and psychological .They can learn moral value of a life earlier than those who donot watch but the thing that the mistakes the parent does is by letting them watch any programs on TV. Parents would be shocked when they realize that the child doesnot grasp as they expect instead children learn unwanted behaviours and even unhealthy relationships and languages are acquired.
If the parents are genuinely concerned with what their children are viewing, there are several options that they can watch the same channel and decide if it is appropriate for the children. So if there is an effort from parents in helping the child to watch the appropriate one, a child would learn the good values. As an evidences concludes that the children would view acts of a aggression exhibit hostile aggression. A parent should keep in mind that only a parents and caregivers are ultimately responsible for what their children view on TV. With their guidance only children can escape the hostile aggression life in future and helps to groom a better adult in years to come. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Who am I, what am i doing here, and where am I heading to.....

When one door closes another one opens. Basically my dream was to go to CST but success doesn’t came due to the lack of hard work and as a result, landed up here in Sherubtse. I had always wanted to be an engineer in my life and I love the works they do and the profession itself was the coolest one I always loved. Usually people say that “dreams are dreams, they rarely happens in real life” and at this point I feel that it is very true especially to myself. Now I never dream of becoming an engineer because I no longer belongs to the world of science, even than I always loves Engineering although I know I can’t become an engineer.
After failing to go to CST the next option I had was Sherubtse College and the only course that I would get for 100% was Media so as a result I landed up pursuing Media studies with English. Actually according to my interest I should have gone to Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic but it was only a diploma and in my life the other thing that I wanted to do  is to at least attain a degree  course so that’s how my fate brought me here in Sherubtse College. Now that I am here, I always fear of missing something in my life that is the job that everybody is competing for in this present scenario and in the near future I am pretty sure it would be more competitive. Though I am studying Media, I really don’t think that I would become a journalist because I am a man of less patience and to be a journalist, it is a very important character one should have.

Life is full of Past, present, and future…. Everything we do is present and as time passes it becomes past and everything left to be done is future. So life is a path that leads to the future but it is in our hand whether to make it brighter or darker. Looking at myself, I feel my future wouldn’t be darker because that’s what my body, mind, and soul says to myself. After completing my degree I feel that I am heading towards a bigger world in which there would be lots of competition and challenges and ultimately I am one from many to be competing there for anything that would keep myself away from hunger and poverty. So therefore the journey of life is always full of competitions and challenges and it’s an obstacle everyone should face irrespective of gender, caste and religion.