Monday, June 2, 2014


Man are born, not with anything but with everything that we have to learn as we grow on. Our father, mother, brothers, sisters and the society we lives in teaches us how to walk, eat, talk, behave, live and infact everything but they never teach us the very thing so called as commitment. Flowers bloom often when you feel the true love in your heart but it won’t turn into a fruit until and unless you stay committed. In a relation, commitment is all about mutual understanding, distanced love, and mutual feelings between the two lovers. And in life all this things are meant to be learned by oneself because your future is your life and your future depends on what kind of life partner you have.
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In relation, commitment is like an iron chain between the two lovers. Even if their body is not together it keeps their heart and soul always together as a bond that can never be broken. Human beings like each other when their hearts get connected, not while shaking hands to each other, or while smiling to each other. They are just sign of friendships and not more than that, but loving each other is a very different thing in life.
Love is full of romance, emotions, feelings, and expression and in all this things commitment is required to make it a perfect love. “If you want to know someone’s mind, listen to their words. If you want to know their heart, watch their actions”. Likewise everything happens the same in relation. As time passes, we comes to know each other in a clear cut manner. And in life we never know what comes next, so never wait for the next option because things that are gone from you seldom comes back to you and always remember that poison can never be your choice when there are plenty of medicines.

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